Monday, July 18, 2011

Mama Cloth

So, with my recent "return to fertility" a few months ago, I have been experimenting with Mama Cloth (translation- reusable menstrual products). I LOVE it! I was shocked at how many chemicals are in feminine hygiene products. I feel freshers and more comfortable.

So far I have tried several brands of cloth pads but my favorite is the "fuzzi bunz" brand.

I have also tried sea sponges and The Diva Cup. I like both but find that I have to change them frequently the first few days.

I haven't tried conventional "lady products" since I was pregnant and don't plan to go back. I hope that I can teach Ella about them one day and she can have a healthier body as well!

Night Weaning

So, Ella sleeps through the night about half the time and falls asleep without nursing about half the time too. Really it is a great situation and usually works great. We have a new foster son and I am exhausted so I decided in a rush to full night weaning the rest of the time.

I didn't give her enough notice and she was having a weird night where she wasn't tired. We said "no more nursing until the sun comes" Well, it was too much to ask her to do in one night because she really wanted to nurse to fall asleep. About an hour later she begged to nurse. I reminded her about what we talked about.

She cried and cried. Finally, she calmed down and looked at me and said "Eleanor sad" (she always says she is happy). I asked why and she said "No want nurse when sun comes up. Nurse mommy. Cuddle bed. Please." It was so sweet and heartbreaking that I nursed her to sleep and will try again in a few weeks.

She is such an amazing creature.