Tuesday, May 29, 2012

More Lyme

I was feeling so good! Now I am a puddle again. I was declining since Thursday but really over-did it while camping. I spent much of yesterday in bed or sitting. I am back in all of my braces which is no fun in this heat. Today I had a Lyme Doctors appointment and was so exhausted it was hard to get out of the house! The doctor reviewed some recent tests and I came back positive for 3 viruses in addition to my 4 bacteria friends. Apparently they aren't active infections but can get pretty nasty if I become more immuno-compromised. I also have a weird bacteria on my tongue that is turning it yellow! Apparently, there is no treatment and it might turn black before it gets better. Yuck!

The head doctor came to meet with me and said my case was very complicated and suggested IV antibotics.I panicked and he said we can wait 6 weeks and see what happens. Since I had my "holiday" of symptoms he says that it is less urgent.

Basically, they are keeping me on the same medications but are going to try to boost my immune system. They are giving me some herbal stuff, some homeopathic treatments, and a bunch of probiotics. They are also putting me on a detox. I am a bit overwhelmed by it all but also hopeful it might work! They told me that they don't want me to herx (have my symptoms worsen) because I don't have any reserve strength. They want me to just fight it slowly and pull back on meds if I feel too sick.

I am not feeling scared and am really comforted by the notion that I am not dying and this is not permanent (yet). For now, I get to push through this new regiment. I may be in and our of commission for a few weeks but then, hopefully, I will make steady progress. If not, I have to go to IV antibotics and that terrified me!

In other news, Ella does have Lyme but she she has no symptoms they don't want to treat her. They want us to closely monitor her for any signs that it is active though.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Feeling a little better

I have been having some great days! I wish I had written this 2 days ago because I hadn’t had any bad days. I haven’t worn my knee brace in 3 days, I hadn’t worn my wrist braces in about 5 days, and had been pain free! I was still a little slow and energy only at medium. But, I went grocery shopping twice, packed for a camping trip, and worked several full days. I even jogged across a street once to get past a car that was waiting for me to cross!

Today has been tougher. I am wearing one wrist brace and my hips hurt a lot. I am resting all afternoon and I hope that helps. I think I over-did it. But, I am camping this weekend and plan to relax. I am leaving the cell phone and computer at home! So, hopefully I will continue to feel better. I am still taking 3 antibiotics and chloroquin. The latter gives me nightmares which really sucks but at least I have energy during the day.

I am also drinking more water and mix of apple cidar vinegar, water, honey, lemon juice, and cinnamon. I am really trying to eat whole natural foods as well. So, fingers crossed I am improving!

Monday, May 7, 2012

More Lyme

Lyme Disease sucks. I am getting worse and feeling like I will never get better. I need to change my attitude and remember that next week could be better. Right now the arthritis in my knees is so bad that I can barely walk. I am unable to sleep due to the pain at night. In theory, this increase in symptoms is the result of treatment killing of Lyme bacteria but it doesn’t make me feel any better physically. My doctor just gave approval for a handicapped parking pass and I am laying down all the time.

To make things even more exciting, on Saturday I started having shaking in my hand that lasted about 15 minutes. It looked like a Parkinson’s episode and was horrible. Since then my hand feels weak and a little numb.

I see my DO today to see if she has any tips for my knees. In the meantime, I am suffering. I find I actually feel the best when I am distracted. So, I am trying to keep busy and continue to live life while watching my physical exertion.