Saturday, July 24, 2010

Trying to get ride of Ants with Cinnamon

This summer has been very hot. I mention it because I blame the heat on my bug problems. This summer we have had beetles, carpet bugs, spiders, and ants. I supposed it could be a reflection on my house cleaning, but I really think it is the heat. The ants are my current problem.

I kind of like ants. I find them interesting and am impressed with their strength, cooperative nature, and resilience. However, when they enter my home, I hate them. I have not had ants in my kitchen before but battled them on our enclosed porch a few years back. I used my handy dandy can of RAID and they were gone on 2 or 3 applications. Since these ants are in my kitchen and in a place where the baby and cat play, I have decided to try some natural remedies (plus we are trying to avoid chemicals as much as possible)!

We have decided to try to keep pesticides from our home for several reasons.

1. I am concerned about their impact on the environment through run off. If used outside, run off in DC ends up in the Anacostia River (which is also our water source). While a tiny bit a RAID will not have a major impact, we would like to try to do our part.

2. Since it is toxic if ingested, I do not want my baby or my cat to become ill.

3. I am concerned about residue from the poison being tracked across the kitchen on the feet of dying ants (silly?)

4. I am nervous about my ability to clean all surfaces where the RAID was sprayed well enough to feel safe putting food/dishes on it.

Today's Idea:


Here is a link to the article about it:

This is what I have done:

1. I have cleared the side of the counter where the ants seem to come in (it looks like the are coming through the wall from the neighbor's house).

2. I poured cinnamon along the wall and on the ants in the trail (which lead into my sink of dirty dishes . . . how do people find time to do dishes everyday?)

Now I will wait.

I have to say this is not my favorite method so far. The cinnamon keeps getting wet from the sink, the power has ended up on the floor, and it looks pretty ugly/messy.

I will update tomorrow on the progress.


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  1. Try peppermint oil. Wash everything really well and then use a cotton ball to swab the ant trail area. Block off cabinets. It smells alright, and no visible mess. Remember that you need daily application for at least two weeks. You can also try borax, or a product with borax in a bait.