Thursday, July 29, 2010

Washing My Face Using the Oil Cleansing Method

Starting this blog has motivated me to try all kinds of new things (keep an eye out for coconut oil as deodorant!) Today I tried washing my face with sunflower oil and castor oil. My skin has always been pretty good. However, since baby was born my skin has been terrible (probably due to no more bc pills). My chin is the worst and I am constantly breaking out. It is unsightly and painful so I am trying to find a good way to deal with it.

At the beginning of the summer I stopped wearing make-up and using soap. I did this for many of the same reasons that I am going shampoo free

A. Soap and other acne products can be harsh on skin and damage it. That damage can make the skin more vulnerable to breakouts.

B. I want to stay away from putting chemicals on my body (see the article mentioned above from the National Geographic Website called "The Dirty Dozen Chemicals in Cosmetics" by Catherine Zandonella.

C. I hope it will be cheaper.

D. I hope it will clear up my skin.

I went without using soap or makeup on my face for 6 weeks. My skin did not change (for better for for worse) noe did it get oily. I did find that I looked less professional and the redness that my foundation conceals did not go away. I eventually gave up and started my make-up and soap routine again.

I think my problem may have been that I didn't replace the soap. I have done some research and come across many different ways of washing my face with oils. Here are a few links:

Here are my before pictures (I can't believe I am posting these online!)

My skin wasn't too bad yesterday and this was fresh from the shower after a face cleaning with my Proactiv solution.

Today I started the new method.

1. I mixed a batch of facial cleanser using 25% Castor Oil to 75% Sunflower Seed Oil. Like the hair solutions, everyone suggested something different so we will see if this works out.

2. I plan to wash my face at night. The websites all suggest only doing this once a day to prevent my skin from drying out.

3. I put a quarter sized squeeze of the mixture onto my hand and gently massaged it into my face for one minute.

4. I placed a wash cloth under hot water and placed it on my face for one minute (not sure how people breath during this part)

5. When the minute was up, I gently wiped my face.

This is supposed to activate my pores and leave my skin fresh and clean.

I did this tonight and I think I used too much oil. My skin looks fine but feels very oily. I also had to use soap to get my hands clean and am not sure where to wash the oil soaked wash cloth. I wonder if I can put it with my regular clothes? Anyway- this will take some agjusting and problem solving but I plan to give it a few weeks.


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  1. I'm glad you're trying this (and my skin is glad that you're trying this before I am!). I read about this method on a link in an article you posted about going shampoo free. I'm acne prone (and now aging prone....fine lines and acne? Wtf?) so I hope that it works out for seems like such a healthier option. Good luck!!