Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Baby E found a dead bird a few weeks ago. She was very interested in it and we used it to talk about death. There were bugs on it so we talked about the circle of life and how the bird will help other creatures live and become part of the earth. She mentions this and when she tried to dart into the road one day she said "I don't want to be hit by the car and be dead like the bird."

A few days ago she asked me if I would die. I told her I probably wouldn't die until I am very old. She asked what old meant. I told her I wouldn't be old until after she had a baby and her baby was big. I thought it wasn't the best explanation but couldn't figure out how to tell her what old meant.

Tonight we were cuddled in bed and she said, "Mommy, I want to grow up and be just like you." I smiled and asked her what that meant. She said "I will be a nice mommy. When I am a mommy will you be old and get dead?" I tried to explain to her that I won't die when she has a baby. I said most people die after they are 80 and then counted from 29 to 80 to show her how far away that number was.

She doesn't seemed worried- just curious. But I'd love advice on how you all explain this concept!

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