Saturday, April 21, 2012


I have been obsessed with Funky Junk's before and after photos. We had been planning to get new bedroom furniture but I decided to try re-doing what we have. I did 2 pieces today as a test drive. Here is are my materials: 1. Lacquer 2. Yellow paint 3. White primer 4. 2 paint brushes 5. 2 rollers 6. Self stick drawer liners
Here are the before and afters. I'll show a step by step below. Dresser Before:
Dresser After:
Headboard Before:
Headboard After:
I started with 2 coats of primer.
Then I used 3 coats of yellow paint. This is when I realized that working outside was not the best idea. Gnats kept landing in the paint and grass started sticking to it.
Finally, I added the contact paper. I made a few mistakes that I patched.
I tried to put the lacquer on it but it made the paper ripple. Not sure why!
Overall, I think I did pretty great for my first time! I will do my other dresser and book cases next. Ella wanted to help and we had a great time together. I put her in charge painting the back of the furniture with a tiny paint brush. It was great!

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