Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ants: I failed

I failed. The ants were really bad. They crawled on my dishes. They crawled on my walls. They crawled on me. I have spent few weeks waking up, smashing ants, and trying natural methods. All of it has failed miserably. I took out the RAID and sprayed those feisty ants. I had to spray the RAID 2 days in a row but the ants are gone. I feel bad about this holistic failure but this is a journey and today I had to make a tiny detour to MainstreamLand. If they come back, I will try some new holistic methods. I ran out of peppermint so maybe that would have been successful if I had persisted. I will try that first next time. Oh well!

1 comment:

  1. We tried to eradicate an ant invasion with natural methods this spring and also failed miserably. Eventually, Dylan resorted to spraying RAID outside and then caulking around all our windows, door frames and the places where the floors meet the walls and that worked.