Monday, August 30, 2010

Baking Soda is my Friend and Other Updates

Coconut Oil

I am no longer stinky! I added baking soda to my coconut oil and it is great! I didn't measure it (shame on me!)but I added enough to make it just a tiny bit more liquid-y than a paste. It has been hot and I have been moving furniture and so far so good. I find that I do not feel "fresh" by the end of the day but had Tom do the smell test and he says I just smell like coconut.

No Shampoo

This is driving me a little crazy. Some days I have the most incredible hair! A few days ago it was wavy and shiny and lovely. Other days it is a frizzy, ugly mess. I suppose I had days like that when I was still using product though. I have started adding a dab of coconut oil to my hair when I wear it down and that seems to help a lot.

oil Cleansing for my Face

This is going fine. My skin is just the same as always. I am going to continue this method because it works really well at getting make-up off and I like that it is chemical free. It hasn't changed my skin at all though.

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