Friday, August 6, 2010

Coconut Deodorant

Wow! I bought some Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and am putting a few dabs in my armpits instead of deodorant and it is wonderful! I started this new method on the first day of a camping trip. I went 24 hours outdoors and smelled fine! By 36 hours I could smell a slight odor but Tom says he could only smell the coconut oil. Tom has switched to it as well. I did a similar smell test with him and found the same results.

Why Stop Using Deodorant?

1. It is cheaper
2. It smells nicer (coconut oil smells divine)
3. Antiperspirant are actually a cause of armpit stains on clothing. Sweat reacts with sweat to create yellow stains (I had no idea!)
4. Most deodorant contains aluminum. This has been linked to some health issues. There is no conclusive evidence but this is a possibility and avoiding it makes me feel good.

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Here is bonus info on the many uses of coconut oil:

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